Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moving into March

Real Estate is moving into March. 

For Jacksonville, that is usually a very good time of year for buyers, sellers and realtors alike to carve out deals and work together with those on the move to make it happen.  Economic indicators all point to a full steam ahead spring  season for the First Coast.

Virtually all sectors in the real estate market are in play or are breaking ground.  This includes single family home communities, office, apartments, retail, warehouses and much more.  
The area is definitely building to keep up with current demand and the ongoing demands and infrastructure needs that will be required to accommodate the industries that have chosen The Greater Jacksonville area to add major business sectors to our area.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jacksonville's Downtown Redevelopment

As Jacksonville continues to thrive in growth in so many areas of this widely diverse and the largest (land wise) city in the US, the Downtown Jacksonville area has seen it's share of stops and starts for decades.

As a result, many investors and developers have been taking a deeper look at the downtown area to find ways to make this area an inclusive living downtown like so many neighborhoods that surround it.

Most recently, The Molsaky Group purchased the legendarily Barnett Bank building in the heart of downtown.  It is truly an iconic building.  I remember working with Barnett Bank in that very same building before the bank was purchased from what is now known as Bank of America.

The goal is to develop this area into a mixed retail, commercial, residential and hotel section that will bring life back to the local downtown neighborhood.

We look forward to seeing the redevelopment and progress that The Molsaky Group and others will commit in making downtown Jacksonville a thriving urban area for all to enjoy.

Trader Joe's Expands in the Jacksonville Area

With increasing development and demand by consumers, Trader Joe's is answering the call. They are in the final stages of  signing documents to open their second store in the Mandarin area.  

With the demand for  stores that focus on healthy food choices and local providers, grocery stores like Trader Joe's and Lucky's have opened stores in the Jacksonville and Beach communities to offer customers an alternative choice in selecting the highest level of grocery products available so that consumers can make intelligent and informed choices.

The expansion signals another growth metric in the changing demographics of the North Florida Jacksonville area.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Discover MIPIM 2017: the world's leading international property event

Join 23,000+ participants from 90 countries at the world's most acclaimed international property event, MIPIM 2017. 

Leaders from the private and public sector meet for 3 days Cannes, France, to discuss, showcase and plan the future of our cities worldwide. MIPIM 2017 will be held 14-17 March, 2017. Click here to learn more: www.mipim.com

Saturday, February 11, 2017

North Florida's Economy is Playing Catch Up

JAX USA have confirmed what many businesses, residents, tourists  in the area have realized, North East Florida is being challenged to keep up with growing demand in the area.  

With the growth and demand of Northeast Florida expanding so rapidly, the focus needs to remain on infrastructure for both highways and dredging of our river to provide access for larger shipments to Jacksonville's port, developing class A office space, attracting talent for an area that already has a low unemployment rate and many other concerns that each of the 7 counties have identified. 

 Success is a good thing when we first realize that our goals are being achieved.  Fulfilling the demands that come with success can sometimes be more challenging than we realize. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Commercial growth comes to St Johns County Florida

St. Johns County is moving quickly to develop the commercial needs of a hyper-growth residential area.  As St Johns County continues to build quality communities (especially in the norther section of the county) that are easily commutable to Jacksonville and The beaches, the local needs of residents has been an issue that developers and commercial business interests are try to fill.

To date, many residents must drive north to Duval County for many of the big box retailers and specialty shops that are lacking in North St. Johns County.

With the addition of the first phase of Dirbin Park, an initial 700,000 square feet will be dedicated to a Walmart Super center, and a Home Depot.  Additionally of stores will be added to these anchor stores to meet the needs of local resident sin the area.  

St Johns County has grown much faster than many anticipated.  For many, it was choosing a residential lifestyle that was inclusive with Ponte Vedra.  For others, I twas finding quality new home construction and having the flexibility to commute to much of the Jacksonville area.
Of course, retirees have also sought out this area for the quality lifestyle and proximity to well know medical facilities including mayo clinic and Baptist Hospital which are both located in the Jacksonville area.  

Northern St Johns county will be a work in progress for years to come and offer the quality lifestyle sought out by it's residents.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Commercial business continue to expand in The Jacksonville area

Another large convenience store/gas station is moving into the Jacksonville area.    Wawa Inc.,, a common and well known name in Philadelphia sees opportunity in the Jacksonville area and is in the process of opening several locations through the Jacksonville area   Wawa stores/gas stations (based in Greater Philadelphia) has historically built their brand and stores in the northeastern part of the US as well as Virginia. 

As Jacksonville continues to grow adding national and international brands across this large city, Wawa
is adding it's name to the list.  I recall working in the Philadelphia area and seeing a Wawa store for the first time.  I had never heard or seen a Wawa store, but it is similar to what you would expect from other convenience stores that also offer gasoline stations service.  It reminds me of Gate (for locals and others who know the Gate brand).  Wawa will definitely create high visibility and develop it's presence in the Jacksonville area as it has already committed to 11 locations in the local area.

Wawa dates back to 1803 as an iron foundry.  By 1890, the company had grown into the dairy business.  During the 1960's, larger grocery store began to compete heavily against the Wawa Dairy brand and this resulted in Wawa's development of the convenience store concept.

Today, Wawa has  well over 22,000 employees and growing.  No doubt, as Jacksonville continues to expand, we will see and or/ find ourselves dropping by Wawa for a gallon of milk, or other products.  We also have another resource to fill our tanks as they will offer gasoline stations as a part of the Wawa brand.