Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jacksonville's Downtown Redevelopment

As Jacksonville continues to thrive in growth in so many areas of this widely diverse and the largest (land wise) city in the US, the Downtown Jacksonville area has seen it's share of stops and starts for decades.

As a result, many investors and developers have been taking a deeper look at the downtown area to find ways to make this area an inclusive living downtown like so many neighborhoods that surround it.

Most recently, The Molsaky Group purchased the legendarily Barnett Bank building in the heart of downtown.  It is truly an iconic building.  I remember working with Barnett Bank in that very same building before the bank was purchased from what is now known as Bank of America.

The goal is to develop this area into a mixed retail, commercial, residential and hotel section that will bring life back to the local downtown neighborhood.

We look forward to seeing the redevelopment and progress that The Molsaky Group and others will commit in making downtown Jacksonville a thriving urban area for all to enjoy.

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