Friday, September 30, 2016

First Coast Real Estate Trends

As we enter the Autumn season, real estate, transactions ,values and predictions all come into play!  The Fall season can be a great time for many buyers and sellers and not so great for others.

The hustle and bustle of summer has passed and the holidays are not far off.  As a result many buyers seek to find homes that they can close and occupy before year end.  This may be for tax purposes, or just the need or desire to be in a new home before 2017.

As interest rates continue to provide buyers with historic low's in terms of financing opportunities, we should still continue to see momentum in the Fall, even though it may not hit summer time peaks.  Sellers also realize that while traffic may be a bit slower, those who are looking usually constitute serious buyers and finding the ideal property that is priced at market value is key.

Northeast Florida and the beaches in particular have enjoyed growth during the past few years .  The trend, given employment, companies and executives relocating to Florida and other overall affordability of the First Coast point to a continued healthy growth rate in the real estate sector through year end.