Monday, January 4, 2016

Finding Financial Stability in an Uncertain Economic Environment

Today more than ever, investors are seeking solid investments during very uncertain times. Markets continue to fluctuate rather wildly.  Many of today's financial instruments have come under increased scrutiny and risks are much higher than previously realized.  Investors and savers alike are searching for the safest haven to invest and seek out reasonable returns during very uncertain times.

Many investors have or have considered real estate as a part of there investment strategy. Whether through REITs, actively purchasing rental/income properties, passively investing in newer forms of real estate ownership such as bnb investments and other types of passive investing.

After 20 years of investing in different markets and personally learning and honing my skills in the real estate market, I have learned very valuable lessons(some that hurt), but each transaction taught me.

In summary, if asked I would avoid chasing high end real estate markets.  With the exception of a few key global cities, at some point, the last buyer ends up holding the losses.  I would also recommend second tier cities that have a strong rationale for investing such as new business growth, growth in geographic population, year round tourism, university towns that continue to expand and so on.

As a Broker/Owner in Jacksonville Florida, I have witnessed steady and consistent growth in many parts of this city.  Jacksonville and the surrounding area also offer a host of reasons for solid and long term investments for virtually any buyer including college students to retirees.

 Serving The Greater Jacksonville area, and the Beaches

Finally, values in North Florida and Jacksonville are considerably lower than many parts of the state and country.  

To learn more about investing in the greater Jacksonville area, please do not hesitate to contact me. Happy investing!