Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jax Growth Scene...Just the beginning

Jacksonville continues to move ahead with many announcements of the city's ambitions and the attraction of companies that are adding locations and employees to the area.

In recent weeks, we have read that Macquarie Bank Jacksonville Florida  with be adding over 100 high paying positions to The North Florida (Jacksonville area). 
Macquarie Bank is a well known global investment bank and is very selective about growth strategies in US markets.  It definitely sends a strong and positive message that Jacksonville continues to attract a wide range of talent and growth opportunities.

Fidelity Investments has also recently announced that it will be adding several hundred high paying positions to the area and expanding office space.  They already maintain a large presence in Jacksonville and the additional jobs are a welcome addition.

Finally, from a retail perspective,Ikea has announced plans to open a store in Jacksonville's South side area (near the the St Johns town center).  Having an Ikea store location in the Jacksonville area is a big win for the city.  Ikea is very well known on a global scale and the fact that they chose Jacksonville to further expands only confirms the growth and commitment that big box retailers have in placing long term commitments to meet the growing demands of this great city.
 Ikea moving to Jacksonville,  Mayor Lenny Curry and Ikea's managers

Google fiber, coming soon to Jacksonville Florida ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Atlantic Beach: top 10 beaches in Florida

Travel Channel selected Atlantic Beach as one of the top 10 beaches in Florida.

Atlantic Beach which is located on Jacksonville's Atlantic coast is known for it's beautiful soft sands and friendly atmosphere. It is frequented by locals and vacationers alike.  Atlantic Beach also offers a great restaurant and nightlife scene just off the beach for all to enjoy.

The area includes a large mix of homes and multifamily properties to choose from.

Residents can choose from bungalow or condo lifestyles to oceanfront estates.  No matter what your preference may be, Atlantic Beach has something for everyone.

Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach (which is sandwiched in between Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach) offers a very casual beach setting for residents and visitors alike.

Neptune Beach is largely a residential community.  While businesses, restaurants, two hotels, fitness centers and other business entities are located in Neptune Beach, it is clear that the city maintains a zoning plan that truly makes Neptune Beach offer a casual and comfortable feel of a beachfront residential community.  

Additionally, this area has a wide range of architecture in housing.  Buyers can find bungalows near the ocean or ranch style homes that are located further away from the beach.

The city offers both the charm and character which makes it a great choice to live

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is the largest beach community in the area.  It borders Neptune Beach to the north and Ponte Vedra Beach to the south.  Like it's surrounding neighbors, Jacksonville Beach offers beautiful stretches of sand and access to the Atlantic ocean.  It is almost always a busy destination during the summer months.  It is also quite a draw for local surfers who find that the waves here to be some of the best in the surrounding areas. 

Unlike other beach communities,  Jacksonville Beach has a much larger commercial district.  The main street that runs through the beach is third street and many  businesses, restaurants, banks and other commercial centers are located here.  The area also has numerous hotel/motel operations and tourists can usually find accommodations that meet their budget and location requirements.

 Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is also known for it's Pier.  The Pier attracts those who like to fish, bird watch or just take in the views of the Atlantic Ocean.  This area is known by some to be in the "downtown" section of Jacksonville beach.  Decades ago, the area also included a large boardwalk with carnival rides and gift shops.  Tourists and locals would flock to this section of the beach to enjoy the sun, ocean and the rides.   Today, it is center a center for restaurants, bars and nightlife or for just hanging out at the beach.

Finally, Jacksonville beach has a very large residential community with a varying range of styles, values and local neighborhoods that should be considered when making a move to the beaches. Given the range of local neighborhood communities and your purchasing requirements, it is well worth spending time with a qualified realtor who can guide through the insight and expertise in making the best purchasing decision.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is recognized as the seaside community within the Greater Ponte Vedra community.
It is located just in St. Johns county (just south of Duval County).  It is still recognized as a community that sits within the Great Jacksonville Beaches area.

Ponte Vedra Beach has always been recognized as an upscale resort community for residents and tourists alike.   It is home to the PGA golf Tour and the Players championship.

The area is very distinctive with countless oceanfront mansions and neighboring golf course community homes that truly make Ponte Vedra and the seaside a highly desirable place to live.

In addition to the seaside community, Ponte Vedra has grown significantly during the past 10-15 years adding condominium communities, luxury apartment living, retails centers, restaurants and business parks to accommodate the explosive growth of the of the ever growing area.  A1A (which converts from third Street as you enter Ponte Vedra) provides the easiest access to the center of Ponte Vedra and one can easily find a large mix of residential, retail and businesses that support the community
Ponte Vedra and the beaches offer a variety of resorts to meet different lifestyles and desires of tourists.  Ponte Vedra Inn and Club continues to be recognized as offering the highest level of service and luxury in the Ponte Vedra Beach community.

As a former certified member of the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, I am highly skilled and creative in working with buyers and sellers to identify and meet the needs of discrimination clients.

Nocatee, Ponte Vedra Florida

Nocatee is located in Northern St Johns County.  While it is south/southwest of Ponte Vedra, it is still considered to be part of the Ponte Vedra community.

Nocatee has quickly grown to be one of the most sought after areas for new development in the State and has been highly recognized and visible nationally as a community that is sustainable, offers a work/life balance and an excellent recreational lifestyle.

As a result, many buyers from other parts of the country have made record purchases in Nocatee both for retirement and simply to live in a new planned development with the homeowner in mind at each stage of development.

The area continues to break ground on new neighborhoods with no end in sight.  Differing neighborhoods provide a wide range of values and architectural styles to choose from.

Nocatee is approximately a 30 minute drive from downtown Jacksonville making it a reasonable choice for those buyers who work or plan to work in the Jacksonville area.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Southside, home to The UNF

The Southside area has recently been spotlighted as the latest up and coming sections of Jacksonville.  Development has remained very strong in many areas of Southside. Most noted would be The Saint Johns Town Center (a multiplex of retail, business, restaurants and luxury living) for those who enjoy an urban feel with virtually unlimited access to all of your shopping and lifestyle needs. Tesla Motors is planning to open a showroom here! This is one of the latest expansion initiatives that continue to define Saint John's Town center as a leading edge central retail and business center.

This area continues to grow with many new projects that are slated for development for 2016 and beyond.

Additionally, many business parks and regional hubs have opened in the area making it a draw for businesses and employees who desire the mix of working/ living lifestyle.

As a result of the many business parks, countless rental communities and condominiums have been built during the past several years to accommodate the growing demand to reside and work in this area.

Southside is also home to The University of North Florida's main campus.  UNF now considered one of Florida's leading schools and students from our the county and internally attend the university.  As a result, the area has a thriving student population with both campus housing and multiple apartment communities that were build specifically to accommodate the growth in population as the school has grown.

Lastly, Southside has been an established area of the greater Jacksonville area for decades.  You will easily find housing of all types in this large and diverse section of the city.  Many subdivisions were built in the 1950's-60's as Southside was being developed. 
Today, it is easy to find several of these established communities, most of which are still well maintained. Many buyers seek out older homes like the ones located in Southside as they have a certain character that buyers are looking for.  Their are also some homes that require remodeling and be an excellent investment choice as well. 

Southside is an excellent choice to call home.  Please do not hesitate to call me to learn more.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Has U.S. Housing and Real Estate finally recovered?

Jacksonville Map, Then and Now by The State Archives of Florida

For more information about historic maps and other resources from the State Archives of Florida, visit . In addition, Google Earth Maps from this series are available for download.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A la recherche d'un bien Immobilier en Floride

Acheter ou louer un bien immobilier aux Etats Unis d'Amérique est une operation importante.  Des précautions s'imposent:
Definir et comprendre les specifiques formalités a effectuer; définir le type de bien, et quels sont les types de prêts immobiliers appropriés etc.

Avant de comprendre la marche a suivre, il est aussi important d'etre familier avec les termes précis utilises dans toutes opérations, et transactions immobilieres aux U.S.

Acheter ou louer un apartement est une demarche relativement facile dans l'état de Floride. Information est clé.
 Real Estate Company based in Jacksonville Florida

N'hésiter a poser le maximun de questions a votre agent immobilier...mais aussi n'hesitez pas a visiter les centaines de chat rooms et forums sur internet.
N'hesitez pas a nous contacter, nous parlons Francais! Merci.  (904) 629-1420

 Agence immobiliere a Jacksonville en Floride (nous parlons Francais)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Development today: $4M building project for Arlington Community School

Development today: $4M building project for Arlington Community School

From Compiled Staff
 Financial Newsand Daily Record

Compiled by Staff
The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permits and development plans filed with the City and other agencies.

Business condo
• Cook Conceptz, 11215 St. Johns Industrial Parkway, No. 5, contractor is Elemental Construction Inc., 1,291 square feet, convert office into shop, $12,900.

Hospital, institutional
• Mayo Clinic Florida, 4500 San Pablo Road S., contractor is Auld & White Constructors LLC, 845 square feet, interior remodel of angio room, $194,351.

Office, bank, professional
• Jacksonville Transportation Authority, 100 N. Myrtle Ave., contractor is Dakenna Development Inc., 991 square feet, interior build-out, $225,000.
• Chicago Title, 6420 Southpoint Parkway, No. 100, contractor is Adams Interior Contractors Inc., 8,337 square feet, interior build-out, Summit Building 2, $216,067.
• Phillips Highway Commerce Park, 6950 Philips Highway, No. 9, contractor is Field Renovation Specialists LLC, 896 square feet, interior remodeling of office space, $13,825.

• TA Travel Center Arby’s, 1024 U.S. 301, contractor is Kirby Bros. Construction Inc., foundation, exterior insulated concrete slab for freezer unit, $19,000.

• East Gate Parkway LLC, 7768 Ozark Drive, contractor is Axiom Contractors Inc., new roof on new building, $180,000.

School, library, other educational
• Arlington Community School, 5900 Fort Caroline Road, contractor is Auld & White Constructors LLC, 35,544 square feet, construction of a one-story educational building and site work that includes clearing and grading, drainage and stormwater retention, utilities and parking and sidewalks, $4 million.

Stores, mercantile
• Flagler Retail Center, 14858 Old St. Augustine Road, contractor is Ash Construction LLC, 22,000 square feet, $285,000.

• Moe’s Southwest Grill, 12681 Bartram Park Blvd., contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., 12 signs, $9,050.
• Clear Channel Outdoor, three addresses, contractor is Clear Channel Outdoor Inc., removing entire structures, totaling $7,497.
• Outfront Media LLC, 350 Pecan Park Road, contractor is Brady Electric LLC, demolition, three permits, $4,500.
• Chuck E. Cheese’s, 10321 Shops Lane, contractor is D&R Signs Inc., four signs, $4,200.