Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is the largest beach community in the area.  It borders Neptune Beach to the north and Ponte Vedra Beach to the south.  Like it's surrounding neighbors, Jacksonville Beach offers beautiful stretches of sand and access to the Atlantic ocean.  It is almost always a busy destination during the summer months.  It is also quite a draw for local surfers who find that the waves here to be some of the best in the surrounding areas. 

Unlike other beach communities,  Jacksonville Beach has a much larger commercial district.  The main street that runs through the beach is third street and many  businesses, restaurants, banks and other commercial centers are located here.  The area also has numerous hotel/motel operations and tourists can usually find accommodations that meet their budget and location requirements.

 Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is also known for it's Pier.  The Pier attracts those who like to fish, bird watch or just take in the views of the Atlantic Ocean.  This area is known by some to be in the "downtown" section of Jacksonville beach.  Decades ago, the area also included a large boardwalk with carnival rides and gift shops.  Tourists and locals would flock to this section of the beach to enjoy the sun, ocean and the rides.   Today, it is center a center for restaurants, bars and nightlife or for just hanging out at the beach.

Finally, Jacksonville beach has a very large residential community with a varying range of styles, values and local neighborhoods that should be considered when making a move to the beaches. Given the range of local neighborhood communities and your purchasing requirements, it is well worth spending time with a qualified realtor who can guide through the insight and expertise in making the best purchasing decision.

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