Monday, March 23, 2015

For Jacksonville, The Future is Now!

The Jacksonville Metro Area has experienced outstanding growth during the past 10 years.  Like most Florida cites, it experienced a significant slow down during the years that are often referred to as the great recession (2007-2009).  Of course, Florida was not the only State to experience similar setbacks and a stall, but Florida and Jacksonville in particular have returned with a strong and well managed economic business model for long term sustainability and economic development.

Jacksonville's location, as the gateway into Florida, with the St Johns River to the west and Atlantic ocean to the east provide the city with vital resources for both work and fun.  Jacksonville is now home to many regional companies in virtually all business sectors and continues to attract major employers like GE and other fortune companies.

The greater Jacksonville area (like many Florida cites) is experiencing significant population growth as baby boomers, and international buyers are moving to the sunshine state.  The current population (2014-2015) for Jacksonville/Duval county is approximately 825,000.  Projections are now suggesting that the area will grow by 50% between 2015-2030.  As a result the city continues planning and development to offer both business and residents alike a quality lifestyle at affordable costs.

If you are considering relocating, Jacksonville should definitely be on your "short list".  It's ever changing diversity, growth, mild climate and differing neighborhoods(something for everyone), makes Jacksonville a top choice to relocate.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Building New Luxury Homes on the Northeast Florida Coastline

Northeast Florida, and it's pristine coastline are experiencing a renaissance of new residential real estate development (since it first began in the early 2000's). 
Tearing down older homes and mansions to build new luxury/state of the art mansions has engulfed the both Duval and Saint Johns counties.  The tear-downs and new development are occurring primarily in the oceanfront (or close by) and the coastline of the St. Johns river.

This represents a shift in wealth and desirability of high net worth buyers and their desire to live in the less commercialized areas of Northeast Florida and the beauty of living in a highly desirable area of the state's coastline.
On the other hand, it is a little saddening to witness some of the pre war oceanfront mansions (mostly built in the 30's), being replaced by the typical large scale zero lot line homes that meet the standards of today's demands and taste.

One thing is for sure, change is inevitable, and adapting to change is the key to growth. The greater Jacksonville Beaches (including Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach Atlantic Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach) are all experiencing a rebirth and age of development that is needed to continue the growth and expansion of the Greater Jacksonville area.