Saturday, December 12, 2015

East Arlington, An Emerging Neighborhood that's back !

As anyone who lives in the greater Jacksonville area, we all know of the huge range of diversity in the vast neighborhoods that make of this great city.  Occasionally, we find some "sleepers" that early investors begin to cherry pick homes to renovate, flip or rent.  

I have long known East Arlington, in particular the vast section between Beach Blvd and Atlantic Blvd just west of I 295.

The area consist of homes that were mostly built in the 1950's-60's with some much larger estate homes at the Beach Blvd end of this area that were custom built and owners amassed much larger tracts of land and higher values. 
The geographic location is ideal as it is 15-20 minutes from the beaches and about the same distance to downtown Jacksonville.

Sunset on Cortez Road

The primary focus has centered on these smaller homes, many of which suffered the overblown values during the subprime crisis and are have become homes that are in disrepair for those who overpaid and other reasons.  During the last year, I have watched in amazement as owners and new homeowners are transforming these properties and by doing do, making a significant change to the overall value of this neighborhood.  


Many of these properties that are being purchased and renovated are being bought at a fraction of market value and rehab crews are updating them for millennial buyers and renters alike.  These homes can range form the mid $40's-100k, based on the type of home and condition/situation.  

If you are thinking of investing and want to learn more about this area and the resurgence that it is seeing, 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What's up with Jacksonville?

Why is Jacksonville so often overlooked as a leading Florida city? 

What are the undercurrents that do not allow this city to compete with other major Florida cities including Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami?
  • Jacksonville has the infrastructure to support and compete with any of these cities. 
  • It is the gateway into North Florida and is home to many regional offices of fortune companies. 
  •  Property values are very competitive, especially when comparing them to other major Florida cities.
  • The weather is certainly considered to be a mild/seasonal climate. 
Yet in a recent survey of the southeast, projections for commercial growth (South of Atlanta) moved beyond Jacksonville and focused on Orlando and Tampa for growth, employment and housing.

Jacksonville cannot seem to shake off the image that it has had for decades as a "stereotyped" city that lacks the diversity and insight to lead it into the years ahead to compete with it's neighbors.

Of course, many are satisfied with the status quo and not to undermine the growth that has occurred during the last decade would be foolish.
Let's not stall, or worse yet fall backwards into a city of the past. Progress can only occur when forward thinking citizens and those who represent our best interests do what is right for us and the prosperity of all. 

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