Friday, February 3, 2017

Commercial business continue to expand in The Jacksonville area

Another large convenience store/gas station is moving into the Jacksonville area.    Wawa Inc.,, a common and well known name in Philadelphia sees opportunity in the Jacksonville area and is in the process of opening several locations through the Jacksonville area   Wawa stores/gas stations (based in Greater Philadelphia) has historically built their brand and stores in the northeastern part of the US as well as Virginia. 

As Jacksonville continues to grow adding national and international brands across this large city, Wawa
is adding it's name to the list.  I recall working in the Philadelphia area and seeing a Wawa store for the first time.  I had never heard or seen a Wawa store, but it is similar to what you would expect from other convenience stores that also offer gasoline stations service.  It reminds me of Gate (for locals and others who know the Gate brand).  Wawa will definitely create high visibility and develop it's presence in the Jacksonville area as it has already committed to 11 locations in the local area.

Wawa dates back to 1803 as an iron foundry.  By 1890, the company had grown into the dairy business.  During the 1960's, larger grocery store began to compete heavily against the Wawa Dairy brand and this resulted in Wawa's development of the convenience store concept.

Today, Wawa has  well over 22,000 employees and growing.  No doubt, as Jacksonville continues to expand, we will see and or/ find ourselves dropping by Wawa for a gallon of milk, or other products.  We also have another resource to fill our tanks as they will offer gasoline stations as a part of the Wawa brand.

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