Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Southeastern Grocers

Jax food suppliers continue to continue to consolidate expand and grow in the Northeast Florida region.                 Jax grocery stores such as, Publix, Winn Dixie,  and many others continue to break ground.  

Additionally, we have seen newer niches stores such as Fresh market, Lucky's and local organic stores enter the market to compete for local market share.

Now Harveys Supermarket, a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers, which also happens to be the fifth largest  conventional style supermarket in the US (based on store count) is now entering the Jacksonville market and converting several Winn Dixie stores to The Harveys name as well as including many upgrades and re branding.  Other Winn Dixie stores will remain as is for the time being.

Harveys is a well respected grocery store brand that is well know  in many southern states.   They are value driven and strive to give the best range of economic value to budget driven shoppers.

Forbes ranked Southeastern Grocers in the the top 100 (#26) of privately held companies in the United States.

The food industry continues to consolidate.  This includes real estate, bulk buying, massive power over farmers and consumer decision making over how and what to buy from big vs. niche suppliers.

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