Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jacksonville Plans to Update it's Promotional Strategy to Attract Increased Tourism and Interest in JAX

As The Greater Jacksonville area and The beaches have enjoyed continued growth and national attention, the city is exploring new ways to update the growing trend of  the Jacksonville and Beach communities to thrive with increased tourism and the growth in our city.  During the past several years, Jacksonville has enjoyed admired growth in population, tourism and business.  With that, it is the city's role to stay ahead of the curve and continue to promote the vast and diverse amenities that make this area a great place to both visit and live.  The Visitors and Convention Bureau.

                                                  Breathtaking areal view of Jacksonville

In my opinion, Jacksonville's Visitors campaign needs to catch up with the sheer growth that it has found itself in.  In addition, to updating their planning for continued visitors and conventions, Jacksonville has just recently been ranked as one of the top 3 cites to live in the US in 2017.     (Forbes)  These were the findings of Forbes, Trulia and Zillow.

Of course, their are a vast list of reasons as to why Jacksonville finally hit the map as a top US destination, just as Jacksonville as an equally vast list of amenities and diversity for all who spend time here and realize just how much that anyone can find when exploring the Greater Jacksonville and Beaches communities.

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