Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Latest Real Estate Projections

After reviewing Case-Schiller and other professional economists that focus on the real estate sector, they once again prove that real estate is local in nature, but paramount to our national economy.

With a new President entering the White House, so much speculation is already being analyzed concerning wealthy urban areas including: Manhattan, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia , San Francisco and several other major metropolitan areas.

While these larger, more robust cites in the US certainly stand out, the impact, or spillover effect on 2nd-3rd tier cities will also be impacted.

Again, real estate is local in nature, but the coming year will definitely feel the national impact that arise due to interest rates, demographics, shifts in the economic sectors nationally.  Other key factors that help define the desirability and affordability of the cities that appreciate in value, remain flat or even reverse in value will be defined during the new administration.

We have much to learn in 2017 and time and the decision making process of this administration will certainly have a significant impact on valuation in the coming years.


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