Friday, October 21, 2016

Considering a Home Renovation? The Do's and Dont's

I think it is fair to say that many of us have been intrigued by the variety of home renovation shows that are both inspiring and demonstrate just how dramatic an old or outdated home can be transformed.

Homes in particular seem to always need something that needs to be fixed or updated (even if we are not thinking about a major renovation).   However, the joy and pride of home ownership is a benefit for so many of us, that maintaining our properties is considered part of being a homeowner....even though we are rarely prepared for those unexpected repairs!

Renovation can be defined from just about anything from a "complete" renovation, updating, modernization, makeover etc.

As a real estate professional and homeowner, I have learned to think beyond the expected timelines and budgets.  Even on those popular renovation shows, new found repairs often consume more time and money.

Of course, if you are working with a reputable contractor, they often do everything possible to meet the expected obligations and outcomes and in a perfect world this would happen 100% of the time.  For the rest of us, I suggest that you always have a plan B for time and budget.  

It can be so disappointing to not have a project finished on time, or unforeseen repairs needed that require us to make improvement choices.  

In summary, be ready to expect the unexpected including time delays, budget overruns and have and have a plan B when these difficult situations occur.  Depending on the level of renovation that you are considering,  unexpected events can occur and preparation, patience and persistence can be very helpful for the the owner to get through it.

Hopefully, in the end, it was well worth your time and investment.  Learn to enjoy the renovation journey!

Stop Procrastinating, Get Started! #outdated2updated




To Summarize:  

Before Renovation 
                                                                              After Renovation


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