Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mayport Road, Jacksonville FL: Welcome on board!

Since the arrival of additional naval ships and the increase in the local population by the Navy, Mayport is beginning to see a rebound in both housing and business segments. 

Investors have been quick to jump on houses that were previously in distress and are now being rented or sold as a need for increased quality and supply of housing is needed. 

Additionally, business, once closed and boarded up along Mayport Road are beginning to show signs of life as the demands of sailors and new families in the community require  the services of the local community.

Mayport has been a longstanding pillar to the beaches area and it is great to see  the rebound and interest in bringing back the restoration and business that once helped Mayport thrive.

Please visit these links and support our veterans, and troops.

- VetFriends: 1,798,025 members (helping veterans to reconnect)

Also don't forget to take a look at Mayport Travel Guide, and plan a "Mayport" vacation with your family, and friends.

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