Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Ever Changing Real Estate Market

The growing influence of  the internet and the impact it has had on real estate, much like every other aspect of our lives has created a game changer.
We now see properties via online auction, where properties are purchased in minutes for cash and the traditional buyer is never even aware they were for sale.

Virtual presentations of mega mansions of non listed properties where a deal is done and we only learn about when we read about it after the fact.
Hedge funds buy in bulk for  hundreds of properties for cash in a single transaction.

All making significant changes in the way we view, value and buy and sell real estate.
The days of traditional buying and selling seem to be a thing of the past for many. 

While I am sure we will always support the traditional methods for moving markets, increasingly unconventional methods will redefine how real estate changes hands in the ever changing world of real estate.

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